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Nosey or not? January 20, 2011

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I’m trying to decide if I should intervene in a situation that makes me very uncomfortable or whether I should just mind my own business.  It involves children – young children – who come home to an empty house on a regular basis and are left alone.  Children who roam the neighborhood without adult supervision. Children who aren’t getting the attention they deserve.  It makes me sad, it scares me, and it annoys me all at the same time.  Is this real neglect or just a different idea of parenting than I have?  Am I making a judgment or is it a real concern?  I’m not sure but I know if anything happened to these dear little ones it would weigh heavily on my shoulders.


That’s all she wrote… January 17, 2011

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There was a battle in my house today…..

Between the counter in the boys’ bathroom and their toothpaste….


Yep – that’s all I have today…nothing profound or interesting to offer.  Not even a picture of the horrifying counter.  The kids are on “holiday” from school today and still in their pajamas at 12:45 pm.  The house is a mess.  My creative juices are NOT flowing.  But I am relishing in a day filled with a whole lot of nothing.

I hope you enjoy the simple moments in your life – even if they are messy or dull and sometimes boring.  There is always more crazy around the corner!