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Survival of the fittest – I survived the Montessori field trip of 2011 January 28, 2011

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I went with my youngest, Cameron, and 40 of his closest Montessori friends to the Arizona Science Center yesterday.  Wow….a real reminder of how thankful I am for Elementary school teachers – God Bless Elementary school teachers – seriously, they are awesome!  The kids were great…well-behaved, engaged and curious with all  the science center had to offer but I felt like I was always one second away from losing a child and I had only 5 boys to keep track of (and the help of my mom who selflessly agreed to go and help me – have I said God Bless Grandma’s, too).  Anyway….I love my kids’ teachers – they are full of energy and excitement and they haven’t misplaced any of my kids yet.  So – a big shout out to all the teachers out there – thanks for all you do -we couldn’t do it without you!

Oh … and… I am happy to report that I returned with all five of the sweet boys I left with!

My Science Center "Crew" - Thanks for the memories