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Georgia on my mind – memories of my last year as an Army Wife February 2, 2011

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I woke up this morning with Georgia on my mind.  We spent a year in Columbus, Georgia – an hour south of Atlanta.  It was Chris’s final year in the Army and he was stationed at Fort Benning. We  lived on post but took full advantage of all the city had to offer – schools, shopping, food, coffee…you name it…we enjoyed it!  This morning I had a longing in my heart for Columbus – a real feel it in your chest, remember the good times, wish I could go back moment.

Maybe it’s because it was my last year as a military wife.  Life as a military wife is not an easy one but I loved it.  I loved the adventure of moving every few years but knowing that I would be surrounded by other wonderful women who welcomed me into their community because they move often too.  I was proud of my husband and his service to our country ( I still am).  I had a sense that our family was part of a larger mission every time I went to the PX (the post exchange – the Wal-Mart of an Army post) or drove past a group of soldiers.  Sometimes, even 5 years after Chris’s retirement, I miss my Army Wife status.

I miss Columbus on its own, too, separate from my experiences at Fort Benning.  The south is a unique place – steeped with tradition and a warmth, both real and felt, that envelope you and make you feel welcome.  We moved to the area in June and I can remember how humid and hot it was – so different from the middle of the Mohave desert in California that we had just left.  While here I opened up and wore bright pinks, greens, maybe even a little orange rather than my favored grays, blacks and other neutral colors.  I fell in love with monogrammed everything – stationary, clothing…you name it I monogrammed it.  I had a beautiful lilting southern accent – just kidding – I didn’t but I enjoyed being surrounded by people who did. 

I think what I miss the most about my time in Columbus, Georgia is the simpleness of our life there.  My babies were still little and our lives weren’t full of all the craziness we have now.  Alexis and Ben went to school half days only and Cameron went 2 mornings a week and was all mine the rest of the time.  There wasn’t much homework and we weren’t fully embroiled in gymnastics, swimming, dance, skateboarding, golf, soccer, cooking class, sleepovers, playdates.  The challenges of raising busy, productive kids in a happy family had not fully hit us yet.  We were surrounded by the warmth of the south and it felt safe and easy.

I’m not sure why I woke up today with Georgia on my mind but I’m glad I hold a place in my heart for this sweet little place and the time in my life it represents! I miss it – well all but the Palmetto bugs (known everywhere else as a cockroach and yes they were huge)!


Survival of the fittest – I survived the Montessori field trip of 2011 January 28, 2011

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I went with my youngest, Cameron, and 40 of his closest Montessori friends to the Arizona Science Center yesterday.  Wow….a real reminder of how thankful I am for Elementary school teachers – God Bless Elementary school teachers – seriously, they are awesome!  The kids were great…well-behaved, engaged and curious with all  the science center had to offer but I felt like I was always one second away from losing a child and I had only 5 boys to keep track of (and the help of my mom who selflessly agreed to go and help me – have I said God Bless Grandma’s, too).  Anyway….I love my kids’ teachers – they are full of energy and excitement and they haven’t misplaced any of my kids yet.  So – a big shout out to all the teachers out there – thanks for all you do -we couldn’t do it without you!

Oh … and… I am happy to report that I returned with all five of the sweet boys I left with!

My Science Center "Crew" - Thanks for the memories


Tears of an Eight-Year-Old Aztec Fan January 27, 2011

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I love this – puts perspective on the loss last night of my beloved SDSU Aztecs.  I, too, hope that someday one, if not all of my kids can join “the Show” at the best college on earth – San Diego State University!

Tears of an Eight-Year-Old Aztec Fan.


a little order – 1 bed at a time January 24, 2011

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“Order is a lovely thing: on disarray it lays its wing, teaching simplicity to sing” ~ Anna Branch

There is something so satisfying about a made bed.  I’m not talking about the act of making the bed – nothing fun about that – but AHHH the finished product – so delicious.  A made bed brings organization to an otherwise chaotic house – it brings order to the mess.  Here’s to our own little organized corner of the world.  Enjoy it wherever YOU can find it – even if it’s just one bed at a time : )

Can you Guess whose bed this is?


How about this PEACE loving bed?

And the surfer boy is???

Who can't resist a red firetruck?


Nosey or not? January 20, 2011

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I’m trying to decide if I should intervene in a situation that makes me very uncomfortable or whether I should just mind my own business.  It involves children – young children – who come home to an empty house on a regular basis and are left alone.  Children who roam the neighborhood without adult supervision. Children who aren’t getting the attention they deserve.  It makes me sad, it scares me, and it annoys me all at the same time.  Is this real neglect or just a different idea of parenting than I have?  Am I making a judgment or is it a real concern?  I’m not sure but I know if anything happened to these dear little ones it would weigh heavily on my shoulders.


That’s all she wrote… January 17, 2011

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There was a battle in my house today…..

Between the counter in the boys’ bathroom and their toothpaste….


Yep – that’s all I have today…nothing profound or interesting to offer.  Not even a picture of the horrifying counter.  The kids are on “holiday” from school today and still in their pajamas at 12:45 pm.  The house is a mess.  My creative juices are NOT flowing.  But I am relishing in a day filled with a whole lot of nothing.

I hope you enjoy the simple moments in your life – even if they are messy or dull and sometimes boring.  There is always more crazy around the corner!



The ways of the world January 14, 2011

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Life can be sad.  It can be difficult to understand.  It can break your heart.  I have spent the last week trying to make sense of the tragedy that happened just south of us, in Tucson.  I have cried thinking about a spirited 9 year old who by all accounts was meant to live a remarkable life and who reminds me so much of my 10 year old daughter.  I have thought about the pain her family and the families of all the other victims killed or injured on this devastating Saturday are going through.  And I’ve tried to feel God’s presence in all of this so that I can understand. 

Then today…I realized something.  I will never understand events like Saturday – they will never make sense – they are not intended to.  Instead, I need to recognize and acknowledge the small miracles that happen every day…. The crowd at a hockey game that spontaneously begins to sing the Star Spangled Banner with a sweet little girl when there is a microphone malfunction; the Southwest Airlines Pilot who held a plane so a Grandpa could say a final goodbye to his dying Grandson; a Congresswoman opening her eyes for the first time….and things closer to home….happily waking up next to my husband who last year at this time was not with me; holding hands with my 3 lovelies –  Alexis, Ben and Cameron; sweet puppy kisses. 

I have not been someone who has always been able to feel a deep connection to God, but in these moments I feel His presence and the sun shines a little brighter.


Adventureland… January 13, 2011

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Here I am …a new blogger in the new year. I have a few New Year’s resolutions this year – Make more home-cooked meals for the family, shop locally, get bigger boobies – things along that line. I did not, however, have a New Year’s resolution to start a blog. So…how did I get here??? My 41st year was my most challenging ever – we’ll get into that later – and I have so many thoughts, feelings, words (not the crazy kind) floating around in my head  so…


here we go!